About GATE4Kids

Our mission is to help children develop better thinking skills and gain access to the best possible educational opportunities. Entering a Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program is one of those opportunities. A few years ago, when we looked at thinking training products and GATE test prep products for our own children, we found that most existing products were textbook-based, not very engaging and did not easily enable teachers and parents to be involved with children in the learning process. We decided to create to revolutionize online education for gifted and talented children.



Who we are

We come from a California thinking skills school that has operated since 2006, providing classroom and 1-on-1 coaching and innovative teaching. Many of our students have entered GATE programs. We understand gifted children because we were gifted children. Our materials were developed by a panel of education experts and PhDs from Cornell, Columbia and Harvard University to improve the way children learn, practice and think in Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) tests. Our online and mobile app tools make the GATE test prep process fun for children. Instant reporting tools and our Hands-On-Thinking (HOT) Kit allow parents to work with their children. Classroom materials and tools for teachers make preparation and student performance tracking easy. We have created a wealth of all new materials. Practice questions, simulated exams and problem-solving coaching and instant feedback make our product leaps and bounds beyond traditional book learning.

We're looking forward to accompanying your children on their learning journey and hearing their success stories!

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