About the NNAT®

Comprised of seven levels for children K through 12, the NNAT was designed to assess children’s problem solving skills independent of the biases of language skills, cultural upbringing, and formal school training. As such, this exam is used by numerous education professionals (e.g. counselors, school psychologist, bilingual educators) and is used to identify gifted students whose first language is not English, who might score high on the NNAT, but have lower CogAT scores. These students could potentially become high academic achievers later in their schooling.

The NNAT is normally administered with other tests like the CogAT or OLSAT which include a verbal section.

Tests include up to four different types of questions

·pattern completion

·reasoning by analogy

·serial reasoning

·spatial visualization

Versions of the NNAT

Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, Second Edition (NNAT2)

2007 Normative Data will be replaced by 2011 Normative Data Effective August 1, 2012

Redesigned to engage and better assess the general student population. Extending this illustration to the NNAT2, we can expect that the “changing norms phenomenon” will apply to the new NNAT2 norms. As in this illustration, the NNAT2 updated norms will lead to the slightly lower NAI scores on average due to the change of the population.

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Why will I take NNAT ®?

Many public and private schools nationwide use NNAT to identify the candidates for their Gifted and Talented programs. Other popular tests include the CogAT and OLSAT.

Where and When to Take NNAT ®?

The NNAT is administered at local schools. If your children attend private school, you may need to check the public school system to find testing dates and locations. You can click on State standards to get better understanding of gifted education policies in your own state.

What should I do?

Our GATE4Kids test preparation product is provided online to help students prepare for the exam. Our lessons include detailed explanations, question analysis skills, and a vocal function with clear pronunciation. We also have practice questions and exam simulations and a test bank with over 500 questions for each grade, a unique score counting system, and clearly written answers so students can learn right from their mistakes.

All these questions and lessons test are created by GATE4Kids to simulate the real NNAT. Practicing on our product, your child will master test skills, repeat the course as needed and perform just fine on the real test.

How Does GATE4Kids Work?

Our site is comprised of 4 main parts to help the student prepared the exam.

(1) Lessons. We have 12 lessons includes detailed explanations of each kind of test items and question analysis skills. In contrast to a traditional textbook, our product provides a vocal function with clear pronunciation for younger students so the parents don’t need to spend too much time on reading out to their kids.

(2) Practice Questions and Exam Simulations. We have a test bank including over 500 questions, with new questions added every day. Clear answer explanations provided after each question allow students to learn from their mistakes.

A unique score tracking system ensures that the children learn every section thoroughly. Unlike with traditional paper exams, students can repeat questions for practice. What’s more, we will also email the scores your child did in the simulation exams to you so that you track how you kids are doing on their studies.

(3) Awards. We believe that students need encouragement and award to progress, so we provide certificates to print out, games to play, and Achievement Points(AP) for students to collect after passing practice questions.

(4) Report. With the traditional textbook, it is difficult for the parents to know how their kids are doing with their studies. With our product, we will record the lessons your child did, the score he/she earns, and the time he/she spent to complete the exam or practice questions. This tracking with provide both parents and students feedback about their strengths and weaknesses.

What Level or Version of NNAT® should I Buy? is the only website available online lessons and practices in the version of the NNAT2® exam. Choose the NNAT product that corresponds to your child’s grade.

How is GATE4Kids Different from Traditional Test book prep?

Example of the type of question you might be asked on the NNAT ® Tests.

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