New York City G&T test prep

About the NYC G&T test

The NYC Gifted and Talented test is used to identify students for admission into the New York school system’s gifted and talented program. Questions for the exam are taken from the OLSAT (verbal) and the NNAT (non-verbal)

Verbal & Nonverbal (OLSAT & NNAT)

Verbal Component (OLSAT)

The 30 questions in the verbal section of the NYC G&T test are taken from the verbal section of the OLSAT Form 8.

These questions are broken down into three types:

● aural reasoning

● following directions

● arithmetic reasoning

We elaborate these three type questions in the following table:

Nonverbal Component (NNAT)

The nonverbal component of the NYC Gifted and Talented Test replaced the Bracken Test in 2012. The nonverbal section of the NYC G&T Test is comprised for 48 questions and is based on problems from the NNAT. Because these questions are designed to assess ability independent of verbal skills and cultural background, they are thought to provide a better assessment of the academic potential of non-native English speakers.

These questions are broken down into four types:

● Pattern Completion

● Reasoning By Analogy

● Serial Reasoning

● Spatial Visualization

We also elaborate these type questions in the following table:

1/3 of the total score for the exam is based on the verbal component and 2/3 is based on the nonverbal component.

Changes from Previous Years

The New York City Department of Education has recently instituted major changes to the NYC G&T exam for the 2013-2014 admissions year. We organize the differences with previous year in the following table:

●Tab: The Difference from Previous Year of NYC Gifted and Talented Test.

●Gifted and Talented Program in NYC.

●Registration Date: September to November.

●Test Date: January to February in the following year.

●Test Population: 12,000 children attending the test in every year.

Where and When to take G&T test?

The NNAT is administered at local schools. If your children attend private school, you may need to check the public school system to find testing dates and locations.

Also, you can click on to NYC Department of Education to get better understanding of Gifted and Talented test information. is created by Ph.Ds from Harvard, Cornell and Columbia Universities. Our GATE4Kids test preparation product is provided online to help students prepare for the G&T test, and get admission to the best public and private schools.

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