My name is Irene Huang. I’m 16 years old. My friends and I are a group of high schoolers guided by professionals from Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, and Berkeley. Together, we created Gate4Kids, an inexpensive learning center where children can practice questions specifically tested on multiple exams.


Gate4Kids focuses on 3 types of exams; the GATE, CoGAT, and OLSAT. Each of these is an exam testing for above-average intelligence and thinking skills. If your child passes these exams, they will be offered easier entry into Honors or Advanced Placement programs in the future and other special opportunities. Therefore, it is important that you must begin early.


However, most schools do not implement the kinds of questions tested on the exam into their curriculum. This makes the chances of children passing significantly lower.


The expertly-crafted questions we offer at Gate4Kids develop critical thinking, speed of thought, memory skills, reasoning skills, and so much more. Join us today, and make your child smarter, a better thinker, and more prepared!